Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mom & Tim Come to Missoura - Part Two

Luckily, my parents are super handy around the house and were willing to help us with some home improvement stuff while they were visiting. We have a few things on our TO DO list, but decided to tackle our yard... it was getting ridiculous and we had no idea what to do with it! This is a before picture taken last summer and all I knew was that I hated every single plant and wanted them all out.

So that is where the boys started - digging and pulling....

and digging...

this is our very cute and cuddly manager

we decided to take these trees out kind of carefully so we could transplant them into the backyard.

YAY for a clean slate!

Here is one of the trees out back... we hope to like the whole fence with trees someday - so we have some more privacy. The trees are a little shocky (lost all their leaves, etc) and we aren't sure if they will survive the transplant, but we are hopeful

Mom & I laying the weed barrier fabric - I love this stuff! we only have a few weeds out there and its been a few weeks!

Mom & Tim brought Olive an Oregon collar and leash - LOVE IT!

We went and picked out LOTS of pretty perennials and a few annuals to put in. We got rose trees, hostas, hydrangea, some grasses, and lots more!

Here it is after we started to get everything in the ground and mom was spreading the barkdust. Looks good, huh??

The workcrew! We were SOO hot and tired that night...Oregonians aren't made for this kind of humidity!

Here is a bit better 'after' picture - we planted annuals around the tree in the middle of the yard (off to the left in this picture) and in a few pots to put in front of the house.

These pictures make it look like this was an easy task, but it took us one full day and the afteroons of several other days - we even rented a truck to haul bark and our yard debris! We also did some work in the backyard - we removed a ton of ugly lava rock and planted wildflowers and some veggies/herbs - they aren't much to look at yet so I don't have pictures, but I will!! We are SOO thankful for all your help MOM & TIM!!

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J J and j said...

Wow - this looks great you guys! Maureen and Tim can you make a trip to south dakota.