Tuesday, February 22, 2011

11 weeks!


Check out that belly! Can you believe I'm only 11 weeks? I keep scouring the internets to be sure that other people show early too. The belly is all sticking out there, but its still mushy and bloaty. Though, the bottom part is starting to get firm so my uterus is popping up. I'm wearing my one and only maternity shirt in this picture and its SO much more comfortable than my other clothes. Everything else is just tight in all the wrong places and I feel like I'm constantly pulling at them. I'm thinking of heading to the mall this weekend for a pair of jeans and maybe a few more shirts. I like the belly band thing, but it slips up and my pants start to fall. I feel like I'd rather just have it all connected. 

IMG_3264 IMG_3263

I usually feel weird with the shirt up pictures, but since my belly is looking less beer-gut like, I thought this was funny. Grant kept making me laugh...lots of comments about a very small person with a giant 'belina' as he calls it. You can see how much bigger it can get when I'm pushing it out, laughing, or if I am really full...insanity! Anyway, I'm still feeling the same. I worked four days in a row this past weekend and I thought it might kill me - the fatigue and nausea really kick in working that many long days. I've been having pretty strong aversions to meat - lately. I can usually eat it once its in front of me, but it always sounds awful. I also don't think I've ever mentioned my new obsession with greek yogurt. OMG that stuff has been my savior the past few weeks. Whenever I can't seem to get full or nothing else sounds good, I go for the greek yogurt and immediately feel better. What's funny is that I HATED greek yogurt and thought it too sour before pregnancy. I can't get enough of the stuff now though! 

In other news, our fetus is getting BIG! Its lime sized now! It is much more able to move its joints and jump around my uterus...though I won't be able to feel it for several more weeks. We have an ultrasound scheduled for next week and I can hardly stand the wait. I just want to be reassured that everything is okay in there and to see him or her again (Grant made fun of me for calling it a him...i just REALLY think its a boy for some reason).


So thats it! Big and almost into the second trimester! 


Allex said...

Love it! I sure will miss you guys!!

J Manson Squared said...

Thanks for all the updates! Love it! Don't know if you have Old Navy there or not, but they have great in-between maternity pants...the ones with tall front panels are great for later on but don't stay up for me this early. The old navy ones are pretty reasonable in price and still cute. Target has some cute maternity stuff too for cheap! Happy shopping. You look great!

jenni said...


Katie G said...

I think its so wonderful how you are keeping track of your pregnancy. And I LOVE the fetus size comparisons, you're already to a lime, ohmygosh!