Monday, March 21, 2011

15 weeks!


I'm mildly obsessed with this has ALMOST all of my favorite things in it. If only Olive were in there! We took this at the dog park this morning. The movers were hastily packing up the house and someone called to do a walk through... the house has never been MORE messy, but sure come look at it!  We rushed out with Olive and enjoyed the sun while she played to her heart's content. 

Anyhoo... 15 weeks! Isn't that HUGE!? It feels like a big week for some reason. Very official sounding. This is also the week that we become Oregonians again. We've been telling the baby and Olive about Oregon and how they are going to LOVE it. I've been feeling awesome - my nausea is pretty much completely gone and I've been sleeping like a champ. We had a midwife appointment this week and we very briefly heard the baby's heartbeat - its a mover and a shaker so she had a hard time catching it for long. I still haven't felt it move, but I'm HOPING it happens soon. That will be SUCH an exciting development. 


The bump is still out there! We were so fortunate to have TWO going away parties (SO MUCH FUN!) thrown for us this weekend so there was lots of talk about the bump. I've started getting a few comments that I'm carrying high...I think we'll have to see what the next few weeks bring. My belly button is starting to look different. Just slightly more stretched out and pushed forward...I wonder if my innie will become an outie...

Our kid is continuing to GROW to mammoth proportions - AN ORANGE! Doesn't that sound so substantial? This week the babe has legs that are longer than his arms and is working out his lungs by 'breathing' amniotic fluid. The eyes can also sense light now, they are still fused, but if its bright baby will move away from the light. One of our first goals when we get to Oregon will be to find a midwife to take over our prenatal care. Excited to get that figured out and to make plans for the big 20 week ultrasound. We are still not going to find out the sex, but man I'm curious! 

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