Tuesday, March 22, 2011

moving day


The movers came to pack us up yesterday and it was a CRAZY whirlwind! They packed up our entire house in 4 hours! It was such a stress reliever to not have to pack, but was also a bizarre experience. Took away much of the emotional, prep work that goes into moving. It made it all that much more sudden. 


They will come this morning to load it all up and drive it away. We'll spend the rest of the day cleaning and patching/painting the walls. Its definitely bittersweet to leave this little town with some amazing people and this silly house we love. We took one last picture out front to commemorate our first house... 

march 2011, grant, nicole, olive, & baby bump

april 2009, grant & nicole... alot can change in two years! 


Kay said...

Oh my gosh! I know you'll miss your house, your new friends, and the proximity to old friends now scattered around the Midwest. But your family and friends here in Oregon are thrilled you're coming home. Drive safely!

Katie G said...

I LOVE the two photos, love that there are in the same style and how sweetly they tell your story. You're so good!