Monday, March 14, 2011

14 weeks!

14 weeks

Nothing too exciting to report this week, but we are trucking along in second trimester land! I've been feeling lots of twinges and pains in my belly and I keep wondering when I will get to feel our little one move around. I probably have several more weeks, but I CAN NOT WAIT for it to happen! I'm thinking I might be a teeny tiny bit less bloated this week and that my nausea has at least partly subsided. Both very exciting developments. I spent a good portion of last week doing research and pricing of baby gear to get a better idea of what we need and what we will need to spend. We were very pleasantly surprised that we shouldn't need as much as we were thinking and we can still get my most wanted baby items, namely cloth diapers, the BOB, and an Ergo Carrier! I am super excited to get to Portland so we can start doing some baby shopping - we've been putting everything off until after the move. 

Baby is continuing to grow and is now comparable to a lemon! Apparently he is spending a good portion of time these days peeing to give his kidneys a good workout. Baby is also now capable of thumb sucking - doing all he can to develop bad habits before we can stop them! 

That is all I have in baby updates, but you should all keep Grant in your thoughts tomorrow. He broke his finger this weekend and will get surgery to repair it tomorrow. It is a very minor procedure, but he isn't looking forward to it and the timing is kind of crappy. He is doing a very good job of staying positive though!


cb said...

Don't forget about baby showers for help with getting all those baby necessities!

jenni said...

hope Grant is okay!