Monday, March 7, 2011

13 weeks!

13 weeks

Movin' right along over here. Officially into the second trimester - YAY! Time is starting to feel like its flying by. Can we just talk for a minute about HOW BIG my belly is? This is it relaxed. Not pushed out or sucked in. If I wanted to I could suck a lot of it in, but then I couldn't breathe and really, there is no fun in that. We've now confirmed twice that there is only one babe in there, yet people ask on a semi-regular basis if I'm carrying twins. I'm all about a big prego belly - I like that its all out there and is something I've dreamed of for, um, MY WHOLE LIFE, but it worries me. Will I level out? Am I eating too much? Will I gain so much weight that I will never lose it and forever be unhappy with my body? 

13 weeks

Most of the time I just don't worry about it. I eat when I'm hungry, which is CONSTANTLY, and hope for the best. Maybe in the coming weeks my queasiness will subside and I won't have to eat so much and the belly will calm itself? I will also say that it looks bigger depending on what I'm wearing and my bloat factor is still pretty high. I try to drink enough water, but I still am retaining A LOT. I've come up with about a trillion reasons why my belly is SO big... I used to be kinda little and it had no where to go but out? I had weak abs so as soon as everything started pressing up it just went out? I've always had a little belly and it was finally freed from being constantly sucked in? Lets all hope its a combination of these reasons and I don't end up as big as a house, requiring Grant to roll me from Missoura to Oregon.

Our little one is basically a GIANT these days. Almost three inches long and getting close to an ounce in weight! He is working on his vocal cords this week, which I'm told to be glad we can't yet hear. A few more months and we'll probably have plenty of experience with all the sounds they can produce. In general baby has been good. He hated night shift - making mama feel like her world might end, but I've felt better since being back on a normal sleep schedule. I want to feel him MOVE SO BAD! And yes, can you tell I'm convinced its a boy. I'm almost to the point where I can't imagine it being a girl. I get tired of saying 'it' so we've been going with 'he'...which will probably get me in trouble someday if it is a little girly in there. I wonder if I'm right or just totally off on that one? Six more months and we'll know!


Its been all prego all the time over here, but I thought I should also update you guys on our move. It has been the most amazing and bizarre experience working with a relocation company to organize our move. They just do everything! Its like we just have to answer the phone, give them a few specifics and within days our house is on the market (there is a sign out front!), we have a place to live in portland, and we don't have to do any packing. Its kind of insane. Two weeks from today the movers will come to pack us and two weeks from Wednesday we will drive off into the sunset toward our homeland. I will be sad to leave but OH SO EXCITED TOO!! 


Jonas and Janelle said...

Ha, I love your expression in the second pic. Yay to the second trimester!!!

jenni said...

ha ha roll you to Oregon! ur belly is so so awesome, its just because you are so little, I wouldn't worry about it. Are you done working?