Friday, March 18, 2011


Last week I was dreaming of all the fun we can have in Oregon this summer and it made me think of Alicia Paulson's blog. She always does the most fun, quintessential Oregon things and has beautiful pictures too. I hopped over and started making a list of all the things we needed to do this summer. Its going to be a sweet summer - our first back home and our last as a couple. My goal is to do something fun and exciting EVERY week. I made this list and asked Grant if he accepted his mission to help is prego wife accomplish it all. Mission accepted.

  1. Hike in the Gorge and maybe go to a concert?
  2. Visit the beach and tidepools (its been over a YEAR since we've seen the ocean!)
  3. RUN - downtown, on trails, on the beach, wherever
  4. Hike and be in awe of Crater Lake
  5. Hunker down by the fire at Timberline (this may have to wait til next Winter)
  6. Go to the Oregon State Fair
  7. CAMP - as much as possible, in Eastern Oregon, in Southern Oregon, at the Coast
  8. Go to Saturday market and get a tie-dyed onesie for the baby
  9. Go to the Farmer's market to get as much fresh, local food as possible
  10. Spend summer nights at Krueger's farm
  11. Pick berries and freeze them for winter
  12. BIKE - all around town as much as possible
  13. Go to an outdoor concert, maybe at McMenamin's?
  14. CANOE/KAYAK - blue lake even rents canoes!
  15. Picnics - lots and lots of 'em
  16. Consuming as much ethnic food as possible...good Mexican is hard to come by in Mid-Missouri!
I AM SO EXCITED to do all this fun stuff & prep for baby and see so many people we've been missing! The mover's will be here Monday and we leave Wednesday. The hotels are booked and the route is mapped...OREGON HERE WE COME!


Alysha said...

That is a fantastic list! I think at least 2-3 of them can be done during my wedding at the coast this summer! :) AHHH Oregon is the best! I know its happy to get the Simmons Clan back!

cb said...

Ack! You're making me miss Oregon so much with this post!!! But I'm so excited for you guys. And of course can't wait to see pictures of all the activities!

jenni said...


can't believe your time is up, see you soon!!

Grant, hope you are feeling better, so glad you have movers!

Jonas and Janelle said...

Yay, I am so excited to welcome you guys back in ONE week! My favorite thing about this list? How there are so many we can do TOGETHER. Can't wait, love you guys!

Katie G said...

I am inspired to write a list of my own for the summer!! For the outdoor concert, Edgefield is very fun and last summer they had quiet the line-up. Also, Flicks on the Bricks in Pioneer Square is a fun summer event. They usually play 80s movies.