Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby #2: 9 & 10 weeks

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I'm doing simple phone pics and posts just some day I look half-way put together each week. You can see that we rarely make our bed these days! I didn't write a post for 9 weeks, but had a pic.

Photo thoughts: That is one big 10-week belly. I’m embarrassed by how big I look. I know I got big early with Edrie and I don’t have the flattest non-pregnant belly ever, but still! Beyond being a little self-conscious, I am so excited to have another baby bump.
Size of baby: Prune! Baby is over an inch long and has working arm joints. Its so crazy that its kind of a complete little being already.  Just super tiny!

Cravings/Aversions: This whole pregnancy I’ve been craving fresh fruit. Cold grapes are one of my favorite things right now. Most food in general sounds gross, but once its in front of me I can eat it. Although, Mexican food has had extra appeal…I could eat guacamole all day long.  I was trying to give up coffee completely to avoid any chance of miscarriage, but night shift was really rough without it weeks 6-8 so I started buying it again. But it makes me want to puke. It sounds so gross. I feel like I’m force feeding myself when I’m sleepy at work. If you know me well, you know this is insane and totally unlike me. I usually want multiple lattes everyday!

What I'm loving: Edrie loving talking to and about baby. “Do you have a baby in your belly?” “Did the baby go pee or did you?” “HI BABY! I said hi to the baby and it said hi back!” “I felt the baby move!” “I want the baby to come out” She KILLS me with the constant dialogue and interest. She is really excited to be a big sister. Just this week, Grant also started taking more of an interest in the belly and baby.

What I'm anticipating the most: Getting back into our house and decorating TWO kids rooms. Spending the fall prepping for baby and having the holidays off with our family of FOUR!
Missing anything?:  Not really. The coffee thing was sad at first, but I think I feel better without it. Especially with already switching back and forth working nights, sometimes the high/low I can get from coffee adds to the crazy. I feel a bit more even right now. Definitely going to bed earlier and wishing my kid napped regularly though. I had a sip of Grant’s beer last weekend and it was soooo good. I hadn’t missed drinking until that moment!

Worries: Still worried about losing this baby. I think after a loss you will always feel a bit more guarded in pregnancy. I was only 5weeks 3 days when I lost our other baby, but it hit me hard. Its easy to think about how I’d be getting ready to have a baby in 8 weeks rather than 8 months if things hadn’t been different.
Differences between pregnancies: I’m bigger! I also have had harder time connecting to the baby and pregnancy. At this time with Edrie I was already convinced she was a boy and had all kinds of notes and posts written. With this baby I’ve found it harder to get bump pictures taken, write notes and just dream about what is to come. I think as we settle into our life (which has been kind of crazy) that will all get easier. Edrie's pregnancy at 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 10 weeks.
How I'm feeling: Worried and excited. Worried because I’m already so invested and so are Grant and Edrie. We would all be hit hard if something happened to this baby. My friend, Lainey is going to let me borrow her Doppler – I think that will help give me some peace of mind.

Sleep: As long as Edrie sleeps I’m sleeping great. Would love naps, but making do without. Earlier on I was having an AWFUL time sleeping between shifts at work, but this week was much better.

Movement: Not yet. Hoping I feel this babe earlier than I felt Edrie. She had an anterior placenta so it was always kind of hard to feel her. Hoping this babe is implanted somewhere else!

The Bump: Getting bigger and rounder. Using my bella band. Not always out of necessity, but it does increase comfort and helps me look like I have less of a muffin top.

Milestones: Inching closer and closer to the second trimester. Feel like I will be taking some deep breaths when I get there.

Best Moment of the Week: All the moments with Edrie loving the belly and baby. She kissed my belly yesterday and it was almost too much for this mama to take!

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