Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Family Is Growing!

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We are very excited to share that we are expecting our second baby in November! Still doesn't feel real! Can't wait for Edrie to be a big sister and to see what it feels like to be a family of four! I'm so scared and so excited all at once!

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This baby is very wanted and it has felt like a long time in the making. We decided to start trying for #2 last fall. We got pregnant immediately and were overjoyed. A week and a half later I got really sick and thought I had food poisoning. Turns out the pregnancy was ectopic - specifically, cornual ectopic and I was bleeding out. I finally realized something was very wrong when my hands and feet numb. Grant rushed me to the ER and I had emergency surgery. I was lucky to be alive - by the time I got to the ER my blood pressure was 67/unregisterable, I had an unregisterable temp, and thready peripheral pulses. I lost 2500ml of blood. When I woke up the doctor told me I was lucky to have my uterus, but that she had to take a small corner of it and my left fallopian tube. I was transfused with two units of packed red cells and able to go home the following day. We were so sad, but also felt very lucky to have capable surgeons who could save me. That all happened early October - I had to take 4 weeks leave from work and it really took me a minute to recover. Losing that much blood will seriously wear a person out! Because of the scar at the top of my uterus we were advised to wait a few months to try again. My doctor assured me that people are just as fertile with only 1 fallopian tube, but with my first two pregnancies we got pregnant on the first try and this time took us three. And we got pregnant on the right side. So who knows! We got a VERY faint positive test on March 2nd (12 days post ovulation). Having an ectopic pregnancy puts you at risk for having more so we were to call the doctor right away to confirm the pregnancy was in the uterus.

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On March 10th (4w5d) we had an ultrasound and YAY! baby landed in the uterus.. it is just a ball of cells and all we could see was the sac, but we were glad that it was where it was supposed to be. Edrie came to the appointment and she kept asking "where is the baby?"

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Then came the long wait to see if baby continued to grow and develop. On April 4th (8w2d) we had another ultrasound and our first appointment with the OB. Thankfully, there was a strong heartbeat, but only fuzzy pictures. They did an abdominal ultrasound so you couldn't see much! Our doctor is the one that did my emergency surgery in Oct. She was really great then and since we've never had an OB we just stuck with her. Because of the part of my uterus she had to remove and the fact that it is a pretty rare surgery, I will have to have a scheduled c-section with this baby. Something I'm really sad about and still coming to terms with, but I know it is what will be most likely to have us both healthy in the end. We talked a lot about that at our first appointment and when she typically schedules those deliveries (39weeks). She is really great and easy going though-she said if I want to wait til 40 we can and that she will let me decide as much as possible. 

Edrie has been really funny, especially since I started showing. She talks to the baby and constantly asks, "Is there a baby in your belly?" And for a few weeks if I burped or peed or did ANYTHING, she'd ask "was that you or the baby?" She loves to talk to the baby and will 'feed it' by holding food up to my belly button. "HI BABY" and then she will say in a very surprised voice "the baby said Hi back!" and also "the baby's moving, I can feel it" She is cracking me up and it is so fun! This is a little further apart than we had thought we'd have our kids, but it is super exciting to see the pregnancy through Edrie's eyes. In the last week or so she has taken a really big interest in little babies - wants to hold them, cuddle them, pat them. She is really good and gentle. I asked her today if she was interested because of our baby and she said yes, that she is practicing being a big sister! So funny! 

I'll try to start posting weekly posts...but we all know how good at that I am!!

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