Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby #2: 11 weeks

Photo thoughts: belly looking a little less like complete bloat and maybe more uterus? Still pretty huge, considering! People at work are straight up asking if I’m pregnant – you have to be pretty confident to do that, right?
Size of baby: lemon! That is getting pretty big! Babe is pretty much fully formed – just lots of growing/fattening-up to happen. And it is already moving around in there! I can’t feel anything yet, but SO EXCITED for that to happen!

Cravings/Aversions: still pretty urpy – mostly wanting fresh fruit and bland food. Living on bagels and cream cheese and grapefruit. I still feel like I crave the food I ate as a kid (I did with Edrie, too) – ramen noodles, Mexican, bagels, gummy bears, fast food, etc. Trying not to be too hard on myself for my food choices, because the puky feeling is SO UNPLEASANT anything to make it disappear is worth it. Its weird – I constantly feel like I want greasy food from a restaurant but as soon as I eat it – I’m sick. Especially anything thick with garlic – YUCK that aftertaste will kill me!

What I'm loving: Love and embarrassed by my huge bump. I was similar with E, but its just like – WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? Hopefully I’m not huge as a house by the time its all said and done.

What I'm anticipating the most: Newborn baby snuggles – carrying babe in the moby and just living up that very mobile stage in the beginning when they are happy as long as they are with you.
Missing anything? Its been a stressful week – I REALLY could have used a drink. I did buy some ginger ale to help my tummy and that feels kind of special?

Worries: That everything is okay in there. With announcing everything, I always feel a twinge of…OH CRAP what if something bad happens? Very excited for our ultrasound next week to be sure babe is still well.

Differences between pregnancies: I think I am more urpy this time and my exhaustion catches up with me more quickly – I think both may be a result of having a toddler whose needs come before my own. Its okay though – I still feel really good considering. Edrie's pregnancy at 11 weeks
How I'm feeling: Mostly excited and as if I am in denial about how BIG this is going to change my life!

Sleep: As long as Edrie sleeps – I sleep. But man she is struggling lately! My mom let me nap yesterday while she played with Edrie – I didn’t set an alarm thinking Id wake in a bit… THREE HOURS LATER! It felt so good and I must have needed it!

Movement:  Not yet!

The Bump: Can’t wait til its even bigger and hard and has a moving babe in there! I was at Target this morning and saw a really cute maternity dress – I refrained from buying it, but I am excited to be pregnant in summer again.

Milestones: FETUS! Our kid is no longer an embryo and has entered fetal stage of development! So advanced!!

Best Moment of the Week: Announcing the pregnancy to the world on FB and instagram! I’ve been wanting to do that for a few weeks, but we were being lazy about getting a good picture and being sure our whole family knew first. Within minutes I got several texts and tons of sweet comments online. It was a reassurance that this baby is very loved and our family is so lucky to have lots of support, near and far!

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