Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Puppy!

olive is one

Okay so I totally gave in and got Olive treats on her actual birthday before we made the trek to STL so I could work that night. Grant was still out of town, but I felt like she needed something on her big day. I went to the local puppy bakery and got her a special birthday bone and a new toy...one that she supposedly can't tear up in two seconds flat. 

olive is one

needless to say, she was VERY interested in what I had for her! she is so naughty and not supposed to get up there, but so freakin' cute!!

olive is one

she liked it A LOT! 

olive is one

when I also put the toy down she didnt' know what to do. she kept looking at me like, 'what do you expect me to do with all this good fortune?!' and then would go back to alternating between biting the toy and the bone. 

olive is one

we missed celebrating with papa, BUT i think she had a good birthday! 


Alisha said...

HOW CUTE!!!! Happy Birthday to Olive!

Leslie & Lucas said...

Happy Birthday Olive . . . she is such a cute girl! Please tell me dealing with all the puppy issues is worth it . . . Ahh, Atticus still hasn't quite got that you are supposed to poop outside! Argh!

Jonas and Janelle said...

Such a good dog mommy :) I heart little Olive, even from way out here...