Friday, November 5, 2010

she is ONE!

can you believe our little girl turns ONE YEAR OLD today? that blows my mind! remember the day we got her and she didn't even weigh she is a giant in comparison! she has added lots of chaos and sometimes turmoil to this little life of ours, but SO much love and laughter too. we really REALLY can't imagine life without her. grant is out of town so we are planning a little birthday celebration when he gets back - a little cake, some toys, maybe even a birthday hat! 

we love you little poliver - happy 1st birthday! 


jenni said...

holy crap she is HUGE!!! Happy birthday Olive!!

Jonas and Janelle said...

Ohhh, happy belated birthday Olive! I can't believe I haven't met your baby yet :( So glad you've been blessed with this sweet little lovey! One day, her and Jack will be besties :)