Friday, August 10, 2012

July Randoms


This is a face she makes often. Its a combination of looking at us like "you are an idiot" and "you are hilarious" mixed in with a little shyness. I love all her facial expressions.

I could seriously watch this video over and over all day long - I find it so freaking adorable and funny. Love her dance moves!


First Nike's


I dread the day that this is not her favorite nap spot. love my sleepy cuddles


loves bath time



Somewhere around the middle of July she really mastered this butt scoot. She hasn't and probably won't crawl, but this seems to allow her to get around until she totally masters walking. She will still squawk if you are in the other room and she wants to be with you. I usually have to coax her to come to me... lazy little girl!

And to document what a good eater she is. Tacos.. no problem mama!

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