Monday, April 4, 2011

17 Weeks!

IMG_3659 IMG_3622

Wow. That week went by fast didn't it? Grant is back to being a working stiff so he wasn't around in the daylight hours to take my weekly picture. You should be proud...I went so far as to balance a chair on the coffee table to hold the camera! And when that wasn't enough (see first picture with no head) I added the recipe box topped by the napkin holder to finally get all of me!


Nothing too exciting to report this week. We are still on the hunt for a midwife that we are comfortable with. I have two appointments tomorrow so I have my fingers crossed! I have officially had to retire a few pairs of jeans that can no longer fit over my ass, even when completely unzipped. The Bella Band is not useful if you can't get the jeans up to begin with. I hope I don't end up with a huge ass when this thing is all said and done. That'd be just awkward. Yesterday I went with my mom to see if we could find me another pair of maternity jeans. I settled on these, because they were on sale and didn't have a full belly band. I thought I'd like not having a full belly band, but man my ass hasn't gotten big enough to accommodate for having no waist because these fell down ALL DAY LONG. They will be returned tomorrow. I can't deal with that. I also got these leggings - I'm hoping that not having a full belly band will be okay because they are tight all over? We'll see...I can't wear them until we get a little sun in these parts or at least a day where I can venture outside without waterproof shoes.

Baby continues to grow and I THINK, maybe I'm feeling him or her kicking. I have to be pretty focused and even then I sometimes question. But a few times I've been certain its the baby. I've been begging him to kick hard so I can feel it. Baby officially has fingerprints these days - thats pretty cool, huh? He is also working hard to turn his skeleton from cartilage to real bone! Oh and he is starting to lay down brown fat to get nice and cuddly. 

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jenni said...

first, your bum is so not big, you look so great!

second, maternity pants suck and always fall down, even when you are big big big

you should get skirts and dresses, those were so great last summer