Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 things

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As I mentioned, for Grant's 30th Birthday I got him 30 things. It was kind of a fun way to celebrate such a milestone birthday. I tried to get him a mix of fun and needed things.


Olive was enthused...can't you tell?

Here is the full list of what he got...

1. I carry your heart card - this poem was read at our wedding
2. sunglasses
3. homemade coupon for an Oregonian subscription
4. new soap dispenser for kitchen - ours was driving him crazy
7. Backgammon board game
8. homemade coupon for a weekend in our beloved Eugene
9. basketball shorts
10. cute wine cork
11. bread knife - we SO needed a new one
12. NPR Map - served us well on our cross country trek
13. this one's a secret
14. a framed ultrasound picture
15. homemade coupon for an ice cream cake 
16. Totally Awesome 80s CD - listened to many times on our drive
17. deviled egg platter - he loves deviled eggs and we needed something to put them on!
18. new job kit (got the idea here)
19. novel
20. another secret
22. Flat Branch pint glass
23. A second Flat Branch pint glass
24. the last secret
26. whiskey
27. watch 
29. chocolate covered pretzels
30. Small handmade book with 30 things I love about him  



Jonas and Janelle said...

Sounds like a good list! Good work wifey :)

Tom and Donna said...

Great idea! would love to hear how he likes Given Day - I had trouble getting into it.

jenni said...

very cute idea! Has Grant started work yet?

cb said...

Love it! Everything sounds so great and perfect - you did an awesome job!