Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Trippin Day 3


Our last day on the road started out in Boise. We got to meet our friends Leslie & Lucas for breakfast and good conversation. I'm awful and forgot to take a picture, but we all had lots of fun. Olive got to play with their two pups while we ate and she couldn't get enough. I'm trying to tell Grant we need another dog... they'd entertain and wear each other out so well! (he hasn't bought it yet..)


Boise is beautiful - blue skies and surrounded by mountains!


This is just after we crossed into Oregon...the overpass had a little Oregon vignette that I tried to catch - as you can see the rain welcomed us home. 


Look at that beautiful scenery...the green is starting to creep in. 


We stopped in Pendleton for lunch and I did what I do best in the car... sleep. Yes we are bad and take pictures while we drive. We don't look...just click and click and hope one turns out... 


I still can't believe we are home! 


I think this is more as we are coming in to the Gorge?


This is so quintessential oregon - dreary with the clouds in the hills and tons of evergreens! Feels so good! 


I just liked this picture. So many trees to see! Shortly after we rolled into town and got 'checked in' to our apartment we each met up with family and had a bite to eat. The next day we had a party at a local bar which was SO MUCH FUN! We had tons of friends and family come through - it was awesome to catch up and see so many faces we hadn't seen in a year. 

Its continued to be a whirlwind since then - our truck and belongings arrived days ahead of schedule so we went to get all that picked up Tuesday and on our way out the door we got a call from the relocation company saying that we had an offer on our house in Missouri! After a counter or two we accepted! I am in complete shock that our house is sold. The way it works with the relocation company is that they buy the house from us and then the buyer buys it from them. SO it closed for us at midnight last night and we are free of it! We are so excited to have one less move in our future and were happy to tell my parents we don't have to crash at their house...I think we were all a little nervous about that living together! We also will get to deliver our baby in our own space and we get to have a nursery now! YES! We have until the end of May in this apartment in the Pearl and are currently discussing where we think we want to go next. Grant is sold on downtown living, loving that we walk everywhere and have public transit at our fingertips. I'm a little less enamored, but only because of Olive - taking her out isn't so bad now, but I can imagine it getting more difficult as we both have jobs and a baby in the mix. We shall see where the next few months take us, but we are so happy with where we are at! 


cb said...

This is making me miss Oregon so much! This and helping a friend look for Portland housing. My best friend from high school (in Kansas City) is moving to Portland next month! She's looking in NW, but could end up anywhere if she finds an amazing place. I will have to introduce you! Plus - I'm coming to visit her in Portland Memorial Day weekend! If you guys are in town and not busy, it would be great to catch up!

The Richards said...

I am glad everything is working out so well for you guys. See you next week.