Monday, March 28, 2011

16 weeks!


4 months! Aren't you impressed?! We made it to Oregon safe and sound, but I haven't had time to finish our road trip posts. We've been on the run since we got here and have loved every minute of it! I thought I'd keep my prego posts on time and go back to the road trip later this week as we get more settled.

Soo...this has been the week of heartburn. I've had it throughout my pregnancy, but for the better part of this week it has been constant and it doesn't matter what I eat. Could be because we ate out for every meal or my newest hypothesis - that I had orange juice with breakfast everyday starting me off on an extra acidic step. Today is the first day I haven't popped multiple Tums and also the first day in a while without the morning OJ... coincidence?? Other than the heartburn, I've felt pretty awesome. The fatigue and nausea are gone and I don't feel quite so bloated. I still feel like I'm big for how far along I am, but it also doesn't seem like I've gotten much bigger the past few weeks. You know what has gotten bigger?? My chest - OMG! I put off buying new bras for as long as I could, but when my nipples wouldn't stay put I thought it might be time to make the leap. Lets just say the lady suggested I go up two cup sizes from what I was wearing and told me to come back in a few months because I'd probably go up from there. I was a little floored, but the new stuff fits much better!

I haven't bought any new maternity stuff - its all too flowy and poofy for me. I decided that for the time being I'm just going to buy normal clothes a few sizes up. I feel like I look more pregnant and less chubby when my tops are tight and the maternity stuff doesn't hug me that well. Those jeans are my one and only pair of maternity jeans and I like 'em OK. They have the full belly band and stay up pretty good, but I would like to get another pair that doesn't have the full gets kind of annoying throughout the day. I still use my bella band most days, but its not my fav. I find that it migrates up a lot and I look down to see my underwear or butt crack hanging out for the world to see. I definitely feel like maternity pants are the way to go for supreme comfort and stay puttedness. 

IMG_3602 IMG_3601

OH! We got our BOB this weekend! We went to REI, because we heard last year's model was on sale. Unfortunately, they were all out, but we figured since we were there we might as well just get it. Plus it was our first real baby-related purchase. I had been set on getting the orange one, but once we were there I hemmed and hawed about what color to commit to...felt like such a big decision! I ended up going with classic black and am so happy I did - I LOVE IT! Since we walked to REI (its a few blocks from our apartment) we had the guys put it together and we got to push it home! It was kind of fun...made us feel like real parents. Not that pushing a stroller makes you a parent, but ya know what I mean?! Plus we got to see first hand how maneuverable it is!

Baby is continuing to grow approaching avocado status this week! He or she has fingernails and toenails and is covered in lanugo and is also working on growing ear bones! And for the cardiovascular physiologists out there...his little heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day! THAT IS CRAZY! I've been waiting and waiting to feel this little one move around inside me. I want to SO BAD! Sometimes I think I feel it, but its hard to know for sure. The books and websites say anytime between now and 22 weeks is prime time for the first feelings. I'm hoping and paying close attention!

One of our other big prego goals for this week is to find a new care provider in Oregon. We want to find a midwife who we feel confident in and who has experience in home birth. Luckily we have friends who have used midwives in the area so we have some good places to start. One place we are considering is this birth center - they also do home births. We like that they do both, because we may be living with my parents when this baby makes his appearance.. so the option of a birth center may be nice. I also like the sound of this place. We're hoping to meet/interview people this week and go from there! Maybe we'll even get to hear the little one's heartbeat and schedule our mid pregnancy ultrasound soon!

Whew! I think those are all my pregnancy and baby related back next week with another one! 


jenni said...

i love Olive investigating the bob! Your boob talk cracked me up! wait until your milk comes in!

J Manson Squared said...

I have a friend that delivered @ andaluz & loved her experience! Glad you are home safe and sound! Hooray for your new Bob! ;)