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Baby #2: 20 weeks (June 25, 2014) & 21 weeks (July 2, 2014)

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I have been really slacking on writing my weekly posts, so I missed 20 weeks, but got 21 weeks! 

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Photo thoughts: No one is mistaking I’m pregnant these days! Getting big!
Size of baby: A Pomegranate! 10.5inches long and 12.7 oz. Baby continues to gulp down amniotic fluid and practice breathing motions and its taste buds are working!
Cravings/Aversions:  Everything sounds good. Trying to be better about eating healthy because I’ve been in a convience rut…just wanting food NOW instead of taking the time to prepare a full meal. LOOOVING caprese salads lately though...
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What I'm loving: FULL ON kicks. As in – baby is a trapeze artist flipping around in there. Grant can feel the movements from the outside. Still trying to get Edrie to feel them.

What I'm anticipating the most: Seeing our kids interact. Been thinking more and more about their relationship and how exciting that is going to be to see. Edrie is sooo excited to be a big sister and I can’t wait to see her in that role and how our family evolves with more than one kid to focus on.
Missing anything? Still feeling like it’d be nice to fit into my clothes. I might need to make an underwear/bra/top shopping trip soon. Almost all of my t-shirts are only long enough to cover my belly button and my strapless bra cuts off my circulation. I pulled out a few pairs of underwear that seemed so huge from when I was prego with E and put them on. It was like breathing a sigh of relief.. apparently I was squeezing into my non prego pairs a bit too long.

Worries: Feeling pretty confident everything will be ok. Still a bit concerned about how I will do working up until the end as it is already a bit rough after my stretch. Just sore tailbone, swollen feet, etc. Trying to dispel all my worries about pre-term labor…they are mostly in the back of my mind and I haven’t had much pain from my surgery site so I’m hoping it will hold strong and not give me any troubles.

Differences between pregnancies: Feeling baby’s BIG kicks. Edrie’s placenta was anterior so I don’t think I ever felt her in the way I feel this baby. Its so much more pronounced. I LOVE IT.
How I'm feeling: No big complaints. I wish I was more active – feel a bit lazy lately and I think that is mostly due to how busy we are and me not taking the time to walk/run. Maybe a change is in order soon.
Sleep: Continue to sleep well. Tonight I feel asleep putting E down and now its 3am and I can’t fall back to sleep. Most nights I have no issues though!
Movement: Like I said – its awesome. Baby is such a mover and shaker we saw full on flips when we had our ultrasound last week. Can’t wait for Edrie to feel some!
The Bump: My belly button is almost flush…I think I am still in denial that I am pregnant sometimes. I felt so weird when I was big in the beginning I still have a hard time getting over that and feeling ‘legit’. Probably also due to my major distraction from the pregnancy (i.e. Edrie and house)

Milestones: Tastebuds !! Getting SO BIG!
Names: Thought I should mention some names we are considering. So far our top girl names are Aela (pronounced A-la) and Miri. I love them both but thing that Aela sounds better when paired with Edrie. I might play with the spelling so it makes more sense. Grant likes Miri better but likes them both. For boys we are pretty stumped and our choices change often. Current top runners are Alden and Cohen. We would like to use the middle name of Eugene for a boy but no real middle name thoughts for girls.

Best Moment of the Week: Having Grant feel baby move. That is always so special. He is not one to get too attached before baby comes, but I’ve noticed a general difference in his acknowledgement of the pregnancy lately…must be how big I’m getting. More belly touches, more comments on his ‘pregnant wife’ etc.
Ultrasound: We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and it was SO MUCH FUN to see the baby. It feels like it didn’t even happen. Everything in life feels like that lately – maybe that is a message that I need to slow down. Anyway… Baby was an acrobat and was folded in half tucked REALLY low most of the time. I remember Edrie’s 20 week ultrasound being difficult too. I had to move in all sorts of different ways for the sonographer to see the different organs and he never was able to determine sex. Things were exactly the same for this babe… I think my babies like to sit low and breech. Everything looked good, but we have to go back next week to try to get a few more views of the heart and kidneys. She tried to check sex just for the chart and to be sure the anatomy looked good, but she couldn’t even see that! I was tempted to find out what we are having, but I guess it doesn’t matter!

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