Monday, April 11, 2011

18 Weeks!

18 weeks

Getting closer and closer to half way there! I've been continuing to feel great and don't have too much new to report. I'm starting to have to pee more again and my heartburn is officially associated with orange juice consumption. I did have my first stranger ask me when my baby was due so I must be looking more pregnant and less beer-gutish. I had the awesome experience of being there when Janelle & Joe's baby, Madeline, was born this past week. SO COOL to see a birth while pregnant, especially when it is a family you are so close to. It makes me wonder more and more what our birth is going to be like and how our baby will be those first weeks at home. And wonder what the sex is! I'm getting so curious! 

We are still on the hunt for a midwife, but I'm trying not to stress to much about it. We will find someone and that person will be the one who is meant to be there for us. I am due for a prenatal visit this week so I made an interview/appointment with a midwife I have high hopes for. I'm excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and to get a referral to schedule our 20 week ultrasound. 

Baby's comparison isn't so cute this week... a sweet potato..hmmm... The other email I get compares the baby to the size of a green pepper, which I like much better. Anyway, Baby is able to hear more this week and is working out all his or her movements THAT I CAN FEEL NOW. I think. I am 99.9% sure.  No, I can't imagine what else it could be so it must be the baby, but they aren't that strong yet. I'm hoping this whole pregnancy will seem more real and I will be more connected as I feel the babe move more? It is very surreal still. I am also looking forward to us finding a place to live so we can work on a nursery, which I know will also help me prepare and feel connected. 

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