Monday, April 18, 2011

19 Weeks!

19 weeks

Getting REALLY close the halfway point! Which is, actually, a bit disappointing...20 MORE weeks sounds like such a long time. I'm sure it will go by quickly, especially as we enter the busier, more fun, summer months. I continue to get bigger everyday - its kind of fun to wake up and see how my body has changed over night. I'm still feeling pretty great. I get sleepy in the afternoons and sometimes take really long naps, but the most annoying side effect of this pregnancy is my OUTRAGEOUS hunger. It is insatiable and has actually brought me to tears trying to satisfy it. I made a huge list of snacks and meals last night and spent a small fortune on groceries this morning to see if I can get it under control, but it has been killing me. If you have any amazing snack/meal ideas pass them my way! Especially ones high in protein!

In other news...we found a midwife. YAY! It feels really good to have that one figured out. I went in for my appointment on Thursday and loved it. I felt well taken care of and at ease. We are happy that she works at a birth center so we have the option of going there or having them come to us for a home birth depending on where we end up living. In other news, I got to hear baby's heartbeat for a full minute while there - it was dreamy. I haven't heard it loud and clear since our 12 week ultrasound - it was strong at 156 BPM. My ligaments are starting to loosen up - I'm noticing that my shoes are too narrow all of a sudden. My feet aren't swollen just wider, its kind of annoying, but I used G's Nike hookup to score a few new pairs of shoes at discount. The midwife did mention that I need to gain more weight - I've gained 12lbs so far and she'd rather me be closer to 20. She likes her patients to gain 40lbs total so I have some work to do in the eating department. I am also deficient in my protein intake so I'm trying to up that to 80 grams/day, which is no small feat. All in all...this kid is demanding! 

Also I scheduled our mid pregnancy ultrasound for this friday. I'm SOOO excited. I'm a bit disappointed because G can't come, but my mom is going to join me. Keeping our fingers crossed for a healthy report. I also really hope they give us DVD images so that G can see everything really well. We still aren't finding out the sex and have been starting talks on names. We like Maren for a girl and August for a boy, but we are still thinking it over. I'd like to have a few solid choices for each sex so we can be sure the name matches the babe when its here. Naming is more stressful than I thought it would be...I like things that are a little different, but not too out there. 

Ok, on to baby. This munchkin is still kickin away, but sometimes goes long periods where I get worried. I noticed that he gets REALLY busy after a bowl of ice cream so that is kind of fun. This week baby is working on building up vernix so he doesn't get all wrinkly in there. And also building on the sensory parts of his brain. And the cutest part of the week...growing hair on his head! I hope our baby has hair - they are so cute with hair as newborns! Baby will also be happy to know we made an official decision about what its bum will be covered in for the first few years. Lindsey and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Cottonbabies store in Vancouver taking a Cloth Diapering 101 class and registering for our faves. I bought a few so Grant could see them all and we decided on BumGenius all-in-ones for the newborn phase (6-12lbs)...though they are being discontinued so we need to snatch 'em up fast and then onto the BumGenius Elemental all-in-ones that babe can be in from 12lbs until potty training. These are basically the most expensive cloth diapering option, but we will still save TONS compared to disposables, especially when considering using them on multiple babes. That makes us feel totally okay with spending more up front. I can't tell you how ridiculously happy these tiny little poop catchers make me. SO HAPPY! I play and look at the ones we have daily...

Whew! Long to make dinner


jenni said...

so glad you found a midwife and got some cloth diapers. aren't they the cutest things ever?? I didn't realize cottonbabies had a store! exciting! I made all my purchases for cloth diaps from them online.

cb said...

So cute how excited you are about the poo-catchers! ;)

Also, I used to be obsessed with the name Maren when I was in grade school. Basically, I did a family tree project for school and saw the name Maren show up a bunch on my maternal grandfather's side and thought it was so unique, but classic-sounding. So I fully support your name choice!

The Richards said...

I am glad you found midwife you are happy with. This is important!

Looking forward to getting a sneak peak at your little one. Enjoy the ultrasound on Friday!

Talk to you later :)

jenni said...


This is actually Gregg. Your belly is looking awesome. It was good to see Grant in DC last weekend,and I could tell how excited he was about being a dad. You guys will be very happy with the cloth diaper deal. We save quite a bit on diapers, and you can resell the diapers afterward! Can't wait to meet your little person and get back to Oregon and have a visit with you guys. Oh, and for a good snack, with a moderate amount of protein I would suggest Edamamee or Pistachios. Both delicious and fun to eat.


Andaluz Midwives said...

We're so happy that you love your midwife and the birthing center!! :)