Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anatomy Scan

19 week Ultrasound

We had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound on Friday and it went well. We think. They told us we'll hear from them if something is wrong, but they weren't sure that the radiologist would look at the scan that day. We do know that the heart has four chambers and its still pumping away, we know that my placenta is greater than 5 cm from the internal os of my cervix, the baby has two kidneys, no cleft lip, and four limbs. Unfortunately, they wanted me to drink 40 ounces of water in the hour leading up to the appointment and for some reason my body didn't like that. I was SO sick to my stomach. It made it really hard to enjoy the chance to see baby. Luckily, the sickness passed as soon as I was able to get all the water out of my system. Despite my preoccupation with how awful I felt, my mom enjoyed the whole appointment with tears in her eyes!

Baby was head down for the whole appointment and you can see in the above picture that my placenta is  on the anterior wall of my uterus. This may be why it is harder for me to feel it kick hard. I've only once been able to feel it kick really hard. Most of the time it feels like little flickers or like a fish is moving around. 
19 Week Ultrasound

We were able to stay strong and not find out baby's sex. We told the tech as soon as we got there that we didn't want to know. He turned off the monitor when he was checking baby's femur length and again later when he tried to look specifically for the genitals. Baby doesn't want anyone to know though - the legs were crossed so tight the ultrasonographer said he couldn't see one way or the other anyway. He probably would have tried harder if we wanted to know, but I'm happy to know that its still a surprise for everyone! 

19 week Ultrasound

I'm still convinced baby is a boy and that it is going to look JUST like Grant. I don't know why, but all these profiles look like a mini Grant to me. It still blows my mind that THIS baby is INSIDE OF ME. Will it ever feel real? 

19 week Ultrasound

This is my favorite picture from the appointment. I just really like it for some reason! I can't WAIT to put my baby legs on those tiny things!

19 week Ultrasound

This is of the arm - you can see the elbow is to the right and the forearm extends to the left. the fist is facing us with fingers and thumb clenched in. 

19 week Ultrasound

this is of the other arm. Don't you think these limbs look long? Maybe its just the scale is all off. Shoulder is to the right, elbow is bent in the middle and hand off to the left. 


The Richards said...

So neat! Love the pics of you adorable baby. Thanks for sharing :).

jenni said...

so perfect! i love that first one.

Jonas and Janelle said...

Hi Baby Simmons, your future BFF or wife Madeline and I can't wait to meet you :)