Monday, April 25, 2011

20 Weeks!

Officially half way! I'm hoping that baby comes a bit early so I'm already MORE than halfway! Still getting bigger everyday with a monstrous appetite, but I did much better this week with planning meals and snacks to keep up with it. I was a champ and ran three times last week on the waterfront with Olive. It felt SO good! One of my metatarsals started bothering me after my run on Thursday so I took it easy this weekend. Grant and I logged major miles walking around downtown both Saturday and Sunday morning though. I'm hoping to try another run tomorrow. I can't think of much else to report. I've been feeling awesome overall. 

20 weeks 20 weeks

Belly is getting bigger everyday, but I've been doing pretty good in the maternity clothes department. I have been making due with just one pair of maternity jeans and since I hate my bella band I basically wear them everyday. I've considered getting another pair, but I'm hoping once summer hits I'll live in dresses and skirts so it feels useless to buy more now. My uniform lately has been a simple tank or tee from target with a cardigan and those jeans. I like the way non-maternity tops fit me best - I've just been getting them in a size or two up from normal. I feel frumpy if stuff isn't tight so this way things hug the bump more than drape it.
Cloth Dipes!

As you all know, I get weirdly excited about the thought of cloth diapering. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Once we decided we wanted to do the BumGenius all-in-ones in XS for the newborn phase, I figured we should get them sooner than later because they are being discontinued. I searched around online and found the best deal at Jillian's Drawers. If you got 12 or more each was $1 off. We decided to get 20 which was about $230. I anxiously awaited their arrival all week! They got here Thursday and I LOVE THEM. Of course, being the freak that I am, I've spend the rest of the weekend worried about if I am happy with the quantity of each color I picked. I got... 2 dark green (ribbit), 2 dark blue (moonbeam), 2 white, 3 light green (grasshopper), 3 light blue (twilight), 4 orange (clementine), and 4 yellow (butternut). I like all the colors, but I'm not in love with the light green or the light blue so I'm trying to decide if I should exchange those for more of the other colors. But if this babe is a girl those colors might be cuter than some of the more saturated ones. Do you see how much I over-think this stuff? Ridiculous!

Babe's getting even bigger - a CANTALOUPE! for real? I just saw baby on Friday and I still can't make the comparison. I'm big enough to figure the comparison can be made, though. Baby is working on swallowing and digesting amniotic fluid and can now taste differences in what I'm eating. Its also working to build up meconium to dirty those cute cloth dipes up there. I'm still feeling baby move, but not as firmly as I'd like. Only one time was I able to put my hand on my belly and feel a good kick from the outside. Most of the time they are more like soft nudges or flicks. I really want Grant to feel it! 


Jonas and Janelle said...

HALF WAY THERE! And you look beautiful mama :)

jenni said...

love those little diapers!! good for you for running! I always used the belly as an excuse not too.