Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 months


This is totally the opposite of the picture I was trying to get, but I'm in love with it anyway. This is totally Edrie right now.. inquisitive and in love with grabbing her feet and legs. A few things about this little beauty... 

she LOVES to jump in her doorway jumper
she has MASTERED sucking on her toes
she is AMAZING at spraying anyone near her with spit from raspberries
her eyes are becoming even deeper BLUE
her hair is becoming even more RED
her thighs are getting even more ROLLS
she cracks us up with her new trick of shaking her head 'NO' - pretty sure she doesn't know what she is saying, but she thinks its pretty funny. 
has an undying love for OLIVE 

 what else? still no teeth, doesn't roll over much or really ever, but getting closer. she is smiley as all get out, is typically sleeping 6 - 7 hrs straight at night, even if it requires a trip around the block and sleeping upright in the carseat! still not loving a bottle or sippy cup...and only two weeks until mama is back to work!

we just love this little being! she is totally all encompassing and hard and amazing all at once. grant and i constantly look at each other in amazement about how darn cute she is! WE MADE HER! what?!

loving these outtakes...



see the deep blue in her eyes?

kick kick kicking her legs and blowing raspberries

just cute

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jenni said...

such cute pictures!