Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camping FINALLY!

Last weekend we took a break from life and went down to the lake to camp with Lainey & Dan. We hadn't been camping in TWO years! Insane since we spent our first two summers together doing nothing else - life has just been so busy the last two years - 2008 planning a wedding & 2009 becoming homeowners and going back to school. The lake is a very popular vacation spot for this part of the country, is beautiful, and is only 2 hours away!

The boys getting our camp set up! We were really nervous about how hot is was supposed to be... 100 + degrees with 90% humidity...but it wasn't that bad. We were right on the water and in the shade so we survived just fine.

Only 2 more months and they will be married!

Rockin' the headlamps!

The boys preparing us breakfast... check-out Grant's mini spatula...soo funny to see him use such a tiny thing.

View from our campsite. We were RIGHT on the lake. Pretty good for $13/night!

We had to leave Olive with friends because we knew we would be on the jet-ski's all day on Saturday. It was a GORGEOUS day to be on the water. The only problem is that we went over 50 miles that day and ended up SO sore, sunburnt, and tired that we couldn't move or recover for DAYS.

half-way through we stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the water! Thanks was SO fun! Can't wait to go again in 2 weeks!!

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