Thursday, July 15, 2010


last weekend i took a quick surprise trip to visit my cousin in Louisville, KY. She grew up in Boston and she, her sister, and i always had fun together. We use facebook to keep in touch now, but we hadn't seen eachother in 10 YEARS!! she now lives in louisville and we keep saying we need to get together... i decided to finally make the 6.5 hour trek because my aunt (her mom) and my other cousin (her twin) were coming down from Boston for the weekend AND it was the weekend of the baby shower for her third baby and first BOY-Keats!

Jana & Kara at the shower... so much fun to finally see them!

Idina...Jana's middle baby... SOOO cute!

opening my baby gift!

my mom made her book ends and sent them over... so cute!

the three of us...we had so much fun together as kids! now we are all grown up, married, and even having babies!

right before i left on sunday we all went out to lunch. it was a really fun trip and i'm so glad i made it! i hope i get to go back soon to meet Keats!


jana said...

it was so so amazing to have you here!! i felt so loved!! maybe we will have to come to YOU though after keats comes so that you don't have to make the long ride again. plus i want to meet olive!!

Holly and Everest said...

I like your earrings in that last picture.