Sunday, January 17, 2010

lindsey's visit to missoura!

are you ready to see some pictures?? we had so much fun with lindsey in town - it already feels like a distant dream! it went by way too fast!

the day lindsey arrived we got LOTS of snow - it started just as i was leaving for the airport so when we got back to town 5 hours later the whole city was covered! we spent that evening hunkered down chatting and enjoying chili with cornbread.

Thursday we decided to avoid the snowy, icy roads, and the -25 degree temps and just spent a relaxing day in with the puppy. can you tell she fell in love with Lindsey fast??

Friday night we invited some friends over for pizza and games - it was lots of fun!

Saturday we gave Lindsey a quick (because it was SO cold) tour of downtown and campus - The Candy Factory has such yummy treats!

one of the main streets downtown featuring one of our favorite restaurants - we met one of my friends from school there for drinks Saturday night and then went to see Up in the Air

Our toes were frozen, but we stuck it out for a few pics with the camera timer in front of the columns - these are some of my favorites..

Sunday we took Lindsey to Rocheport (we visited in November) to eat at an amazing restaurant - Abigail's! She said it was one of the best meals she has ever eaten! The ambiance is great there - very fun and kitschy with fantastic food.

We were so glad he was able to take some time off with us over the weekend!

Throughout the week we worked on making some patchwork napkins together. It had been so long since I did something other than knitting with someone else - SO MUCH FUN! if i ever live near close friends who like to sew we will be having LOTS of crafting parties.

Monday we met my friend Raneat for lunch and then followed it up with a serious shopping spree (I will have to post pics of what we got!). When we got home it had "warmed up" to 30 degrees so we took Olive on her first walk. She was busting out of her sweater so the next day we got her a new one! We also spent some time Monday night making puppy treats and DELICIOUS oatmeal cookies!

Tuesday I started to get SO sad that it was almost time for Lindz to leave - we spent the day running a few errands and, of course, getting coffee (starbucks was a daily stop for us!) and then took the baby on another walk in her new sweater.

Then we celebrated Lindsey's last night and the completion of some big part of G's western blots that I don't understand with dinner and beers at Flat Branch. They have really great and potent beer.

Wednesday was the fateful day - Lindsey had to get on a plane to go home. Boo! We got up early to head to St. Louis in time to visit the Arch before we had to get to the airport. It was a good idea in theory, but I think we were all sad and anxious - there were upset tummies all around and Olive even puked up her homemade puppy treats =(

It was also FREEZING. It was too cold to leave Olive in the car while we ate at Spaghetti Factory so we got take out and then made the trek to the airport. On the bright side: the arch is pretty amazing! I love this picture:

I LOVE having people visit, but I HATE it when they leave - I sobbed on the drive back to Columbia...poor Grant had to console me. We decided (again) that we want to do everything we can to get back to Portland. We won't be by everyone we love, but we would be home. Thanks for a great visit Lindsey! We love you.

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Lindsey said...

Love you too...thanks for having me, hope to see you soon!