Monday, December 21, 2009

happy holidays!

tomorrow we leave to meet my mom, step-dad, and brother in phoenix for christmas...we are really excited to see them and the sun, but i am SERIOUSLY sad about leaving Olive. i am so in love with her! i am sure it will be fine and we will both survive, but it is bringing on some serious anxiety! she is still going to remember me, right??

the bright side is that i will be getting some much needed sleep (finals + new puppy have made it rough!) and come back all refreshed...i am sure everyone in this household would appreciate that!

these are pictures from our walk yesterday...the missouri winter brown is coming on...oh joy! really though, we had fun...we thought we were taking olive for a walk, but she was more interested in a nap all bundled in my coat.

i am sure i will be poking in occasionally over the next few weeks, but if not Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! how the heck is it almost 2010?!

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