Sunday, December 20, 2009

can't get enough...

we've been just hangin' out with baby girl...napping or trying to get a little done when she naps and drinking lots of coffee to cure the constant sense of impending doom that is a result of puppy induced sleep deprivation.

she is sooo worth it though! we are trying to get as much of her as we can before we leave her for a week...its going to be SO HARD!

it snowed here a few days was her first experience and she seemed to like it.
after we got home from an evening out...i was exhausted!

sweet baby likes to play A LOT...she likes the rope toys the best.

when she isn't playing she is being a sweet angel. luckily my mom sent me some baby blankets she got from a garage sale a few months ago...she loves being all cuddled up.

then when her papa gets home she has a new play partner!


Anonymous said...

She is so precious! The photo of her bundled up is priceless! Congrats on your new family member!!! :0)

jenni said...

dogs and kids are so the same!

Eric Snyder said...