Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Oregon,

I miss you. In so many ways. Did you know that it doesn't stay green everywhere the same way you do? I had no idea! But I quickly learned that brown is the dominant color in other locales. At least this time of year. I have to admit, though, the lack of rain in these parts is quite a treat. Its bitterly cold though - I miss your temperate, although gloomy days. They always made me feel cozy.

I miss your beach and your mountains and, of course, your Eugene and Portland. But I especially miss your people. My people. You have a good bunch of them. There is a good bunch here too, but they aren't mine. Not yet, at least. You are my home and always will be - so don't worry about that. I hope to visit you soon. Stay in touch.

Love Always, Nicole

sorry if I worried anyone - this wasn't meant to be anything too depressing. just expressing that i miss home, but i'm ok. i promise.

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Burton said...

It's okay. Oregon misses y'all a lot, too.