Thursday, March 27, 2014

May 2013: Mama & Papa Make a Playkitchen

Its quite obvious I struggle to find time to blog, but since my husband (who does very little for fun online) told me it makes him sad I don't blog... I'm going to try to make an effort. So let's see if we can prevent 2013 from being the lost year...

Grant and I both grew up in households where you do things yourself - don't hire people to paint or lay floors, you do it yourself. I'm not always sure this is the most stress-free and fun method, but I do think it adds a little extra layer of pride and often saves money. I guess that is why we set out to make Edrie a play kitchen, instead of buying one of the million available? Pinterest sucked me in and once I mentioned the idea to Grant he was all about it. We decided not to make it a gift for a specific occasion so we could work on it as we had time and felt up to it. He did all the design and building and I just painted and decorated. We both took lots of inspiration from the many DIY playkitchens available online. It was SO FUN to be out in the garage working on this together.

The picture above is the first time she saw it. She was pretty excited. Its fallen in and out of favor since then, but its holding up great! I will say this wasn't super cheap - about $240 total.



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