Friday, March 28, 2014

July 2013: Roseburg Trip


We try to get together with the Newtons and Nelsons over Fourth of July every year. This past summer we headed to Roseburg and the Newtons hosted. It was one of the most perfect summer weekends! We spent one morning picking fruit and veggies that we used to cook with all weekend. Maddie and Edrie have been friends since birth, but this was the first trip they really could play together. SO FUN TO SEE! And I love these pictures of them in the field.



Sister ate and ate and ate. 

IMG_1719 IMG_1723

We went on walks and the girls held hands ... so sweet! I didn't get any pictures of little Natalie! She is about a year younger than Edrie and is just the sweetest - she was just starting to walk and she trekked all over the house!

Janelle arranged for one of her students to watch the girls so all 6 of us could go out. It was SO MUCH FUN! We went to a local winery and had some amazing wine and appetizers then headed to a great Italian spot for dinner. I hope we can do a repeat of that weekend again soon!

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