Friday, July 20, 2007

We're Outta Here....

Our trip is finally here! We are starting our trek to the midwest bright and early tomorrow morning! We're driving to Idaho tomorrow and spending the night in a national park, then heading to Yellowstone Sunday morning and camping two nights there...

Then on Tuesday morning we will drive a few hours to the Grand Tetons and stay 1 night in a cabin...

Wednesday morning we will drive our longest day 13 hours to Omaha! We CAN'T wait to see Jon and Jess and the new place they call home!

Then Friday afternoon we will drive to Kansas City with Jon, Jess, and Brett to spend the weekend watching baseball and playing in an amusement park!

Our last stop will be Manhattan, Kansas on our way back to see Brett's new place and lab.

Then we just gotta make the long trek back to Eugene by 11am Tuesday so I can make it in time to teach!

We'll upload pictures when we get back! Have a great week!

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