Monday, September 10, 2007

JT Concert!

This past Friday I made the trek to Portland yet go see my old friend Justin play in a concert! Not sure how many people know this but my friend Janelle and I used to be OBSESSED with *NSYNC so we always try to see any part of them when we can.

The show was really fun...been a long time since I had a girl's night out and since I had been to a concert...two birds with one LONG drive... I have VOWED not to drive the horrible stretch of I-5 between Eugene and Portland until Thanksgiving!

Here are a few pictures...

With my ticket!

JT...he is one sexy man!

Meanwhile, Grant was back in Eugene having a great boys night out! He was hurting a little Saturday morning, but the full day of football cured the hangover!


Patty said...

Weird- my sister was at that concert too!

the mccords said...

I have the JT concert on hbo right now and thinking of you and hes hot! thanks for giving me the update last night =)