Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not a whole lot...

new around here. We've had an ok weekend. We spent yesterday doing things around the house and watched the Ducks beat Stanford (not before giving us a minor heart attack in the 2nd quarter) with friends at a bar.

Today was a bit more frustrating...we drove to Portland to pick up my car, which has been up there in the shop for several weeks and we drove it 20 miles and the check engine light came back on! Anyway...we ended up leaving the car up there and will have to go get it again when it is REALLY done being worked on.

We did get a few things done though. I got some wedding ideas ironed out with my mom and Lindsey...logistics about decorating and I found a fabric I might want to use for table runners, etc.

Also, Grant and I met with a photographer. We really liked her and will probably go with her if she can meet our budget. (

We also were fortunate to find some stumps I was looking for to use as aisle decorations (Grant's parents JUST cut down a tree!) Here is a picture of the idea...

Guess our whole day in portland wasn't a wash...but it was frustrating...

In other news...I hate working and need to find a way to make LOTS of money doing something incredibly fun... ANY IDEAS????

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