Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wedding Cake!!!

We've been debating about what to do for a wedding cake. We originally were going to make 150 cupcakes, but then I thought it would be weird to try to cut one of those. My newest idea is to try to make a cake to feed about 50 people and make 100 cupcakes. This would still keep it cheap, give me the opportunity to learn to make cakes, and we will have something to cut! SO... today was the first try! My wonderful bridesmaid Lindsey is in town this weekend and I couldn't have done it without her.

These are the cakes for the top layer in the oven...

We had lots of issues with this buttercream...but it looked pretty!

Whip it Lindsey!!!

There are lots of terms unique to cake decorating... Here is the 'crumb coat' for the top layer

Crumb coat for the other layer

I want the cake to have a basketweave is our first attempt at actually doing it...not nearly as hard as we thought. It would have been even better with firmer icing!

Here is the final product! Definitely a much more successful attempt than we expected! Our next attempt will mostly focus on the frosting (it was really runny and didn't have enough flavor), but we are pretty impressed!


the mccords said...

holy crap that looks amazing! you are amazing!

Lacy said...

Forget research! You could make so much more money going into the wedding cake business...yummy!

Burton said...

How do I sign up to be one of the lucky 50? :)