Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two Year Anniversary!

Today was our 2 year anniversary! Its funny because sometimes I can't believe its only been two years, but at the same time it seems like we just started dating.

We had a great day...I met Caitlin for breakfast (soo good to have some time with her), we ran errands during the day, and met up with the McCords this afternoon. It was sooo good to see them...and we are happy to report they are doing very well!

We wanted to do something fun for our anniversary, especially since it is the last time we will celebrate it in December (by this time next year we will be married and our anniversary will be in September) we made reservations at this great restaurant called the Melting Pot.

This is us posing all decked out before we left...

Course number 1 was cheese fondue with bread, fruit, and veggies...YUM!!

Course number 2 was salad...definitely not the highlight of the meal. Then we moved on to the main course number 3. It was several different types of meat that are set on the table raw and then you cook it in the fondue pot...SOOO GOOD!

Rosy cheeks from all the wine....

The last course was white and milk chocolate fondue with lots of yummy dippers!

Grant couldn't bear to see any of the food go to waste so he was VERY full...

This is my favorite part of the night...Grant was trying to wow me with a magic trick and in real life it wasn't very impressive, but look at how great it is on video... (ok I just watched it with sound and it isn't as impressive when you can hear the mint hit the table...haha)


the mccords said...

hahaha! I had Gregg watch the video without sound and he was very impressed...then laughed really hard when I put the sound on and he watched it again. great to see you two!

Leslie Gutwig said...

Oh man, that was the highlight of my night -- tell Grant I would like to book him as entertainment for a party soon! :)

Jonathan and Jessica Meendering said...

Wow, will you be in Vegas soon? Jess's niece may be interested in joining up with your act. She impressed us a few weeks ago with a jar and penny trick, she's six...ha ha ha.

Love you guys