Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I heart Google...

Again I may have just missed this one, but yesterday I learned of a fabulous little tool called Google Reader. Do you know of this??

It is perfect for blog lurkers like me. You enter in the blogs or websites you want it to check and it scans them every so often and lets you know when there is a new post! AND you can read all the blogs from the reader! (this part I don't know if I like as much cuz I like to look at the different add ons people have...)

I'm so excited, because checking each and every blog every day is VERY time consuming and disappointing when there isn't a new post....its going to change my life! Between bag folding, slankets, and the reader...I'm having a record month for life changing events =)

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jenni said...


i agree the disappointment is hard to take sometimes!