Sunday, March 9, 2008

day at the beach...

today was an amazing day! i drove my friend from work, Sonja, to the beach. she is dutch and had never seen the pacific ocean. we also brought along her dogs, whom i love! at ORI people can bring pets to work so I know abby and luka is like they are my co-workers.

we were very worried about the weather, but we were blessed with the most beautiful day! sometimes i forget how close we are to the coast and how soothing it can be. i need to go there more.

we started in florence

and then headed up to heceta head, where we saw sealions and a bald eagle. the only other time i've seen a bald eagle was in the grand tetons when we got engaged!

our final destination was cape perpetua...this is my absolute favorite little place on the oregon coast. there are the most amazing views and TIDEPOOLS. i adore touching all the little creatures.

***i didn't alter any of these images...that is just how beautiful a day it was!***


Alisha Schwanke Photo said...

i need to come visit you and ken. it is so beautiful!

Grant & Nicole said...

you should come for the wedding!!!

Lindsey said...