Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday Bubba!

today grant turns 27! we had a very happy relaxing morning..i made us eggs and french toast and then i FINALLY got to give grant his present. this summer we were at saturday market and grant fell in love with this handmade bamboo flutes. since then i've been scheming to get him one and have had it for the past month. i made a cute little case for it out of specially picked out fabric that i thought grant would like. i'm so very proud and happy that he loved it. here is a video of him opening it... can you tell we are very video happy these days??

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Sean and Belinda said...

Hey Grant, Happy Birthday! Wow, 27 this year, break out the walker and the cane! I'll make sure to buy you a b-day pint in San Diego. See you soon!