Sunday, March 30, 2008

such a good night...

although i ruined the surprise part of the surprise party (long story, but lets just say that i was extremely annoyed and unhappy thursday night), we still had a great time and an awesome turnout! plus, I got to surprise him with this video our friends from afar helped me put together. 
THANK YOU all so much! he was so touched. (he will vehemently deny this, but his eyes were a little watery... he claims something got in there... )

anyway we had a blast and i tried the wii for this first time. you all are right it is addicting and awesome...i will never buy one for that reason. here are some pictures... 

oh the Pellingers...what will we do when you are far away?? the entertainment and fun you provide is almost too much to handle... see the video below 
oh joel... always ready to hang with the girls... and those boys..they are the best of friends
this was the end of the night..

(ignore my so called 'tennis noises' ...they sound too sexual when I'm sober, but at the time I was sure i sounded like anna kournikova)


jenni said...

very cool! did our funniness bring him to tears?! ;)

Lindsey said...

Ugh! I wish I could have been there, stupid work! Love ya!

Donna said...

oh my god!!! no more videos from my backside please. what a fun night - it was great to see the videos of our out-of-town friends!!!!