Thursday, May 8, 2008

i'm back... i think....and some help!

i've gotten a few emails asking if I'm ok since I haven't posted much lately. I'm fine... just UBER busy lately. I seriously feel like we're both struggling to find time to breathe. I'm sure we aren't the only was just so weird how quickly things picked up. doesn't help that work is incredibly busy and there are about ten billion things to do for the wedding. Speaking of that... you know our wedding website? i don't know if i've really raved about, but SERIOUSLY everything on that site is free. Comparable wedding websites cost at least $25 a month and the only thing that they offer is a little bit more customization in the way the site looks. a few weeks ago they added the ability to upload songs and today i got an email saying that we could also add a blog to our wedding website for FREE. I think I will start posting wedding stuff in both places. They also added new options for looks... and i'm having a hard time deciding.... which do you like better? vote in the upper right hand corner of the window...

option 1 (currently up there) - Fall Romance

option 2 - Trellis (in apricot)

keep in mind our save the dates... neither of these ties in well, but i just need help deciding


jenni said...

bottom, bottom, bottom, HANDS DOWN, (Lilly's vote)

jenni said...

bottom, bottom, bottom one! it looks more weddingy to me. wow, I didn't know Lilly could type, weird! but she does have good taste