Sunday, May 11, 2008

ready for change

Thursday afternoon we found out that Barack Obama was coming back to the university. When he was here a few months ago we couldn't go to the rally because we already had plans (plus it was held in Mac Court and I don't do well in confined places with too many people...too stressful)

Anyway... we decided that although we had tons to do we should go to the rally on Friday because if he is going to be the democratic candidate and possibly our next president it would be good to hear him speak in person. Plus it was a beautiful night and held in my favorite part of campus - the memorial quad (you know... by knight library and the art museum? its so beautiful)

Apparently people were waiting in line all day so we weren't sure how it would be, but we headed to campus a half hour before the rally started and easily got through security. We were aways back but we could see the stage and we were at the back of our section - the closest baracade was way behind us so we had lots of space. It was a beautiful night.

From the beginning I have been inspired by Obama - I just like the excitement and feeling I get when he speaks and how he seems to have caused a new excitement and freshness to the elections. That being said I was still a little on the fence, but this night confirmed any of my doubts - it was amazing. He makes me feel like everything is going to be ok if we work for change and what we want. So inspiring - there were definitely tears at points - i think just because there is so much going on in our country that i find deathly frightening and hopeless... so many things that make me worry about raising a family in this country, so many things that make me feel like i will never want to come back from europe - but he makes me feel like that can change and that it WILL. was cool... i'm glad i stopped stressing about stuff to do and spent some time with my boy at an event that was so unique. here is a little video (it turned out better than any of our photos of him - he was backlit and we were too far away for a flash and i wasn't still enough for no flash...)


alisha said...

Holy cow. You look so beautiful in that first picture of you and Grant. Like, really, really beautiful!

Grant & Nicole said...

why thank you!!!

Leslie Gutwig said...

Yea for Obama!!!!