Saturday, May 10, 2008

reverand miller???

since we got engaged grant and i had conversations about who we would have marry us. i was pretty adamant that it be a person who knew us both well and that we admired and respected.

it took us several months but finally we had the best idea...dr. almost seemed too perfect! he is someone we both love, has a great sense of humor, but knows when to be serious too. we tried not to get our hopes up because we know september is usually a time when he is on vacation AND he is retiring this year.

oh... i guess i should tell you how we know dr. klug (for our 2 blog readers who don't already know)... he is the current department head of our favorite little (but dramatically growing) human physiology department at UO. he is someone we've looked up to for the past several years personally and professionally. (plus he was the nail in the coffin on the decision to go to france...thankyouverymuch) friend and bridesmaid patty has been doing some research on the logistics of getting married for me lately. one of the things i asked her to do was help me figure out how to get dr. klug ordained and recognized by the state of oregon. she sent me to this site. she said it was incredibly easy, but i decided if we were going to send dr. klug there i should see just how easy it was (and it was free). anyway... i typed in my name and email address and i am now reverand nicole miller... pretty funny huh?? i'm really happy it is this easy though!!

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