Friday, June 20, 2008

3 months!

{collage of wedding prep so far}

today marks the three month countdown to the wedding. in some ways i am in complete awe that it is already this close and in other ways i am astounded that there is still that much time left. we are totally ready for it to be here. so excited to have most everyone we love there and to be married. sometimes i think it gets forgotten that a marriage is at the end of all this! i also forget that cabo comes after all this... september PLEASE get here soon!

now if we could only figure out what our next move after that will be!

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SnyderAZ said...

Hello G-man and N-woman. I like following your wedding plans. Too bad you can't go to the IBE meeting, but I hope to see you at EB next year. Best wishes, I love the blog! I hope all is well. E