Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baked ziti

i know its all about recipes this week...not much else exciting going on! this is another fabulous recipe. i've been hitting the jackpot lately with recipes we will definitely make over and over again.

by the way. the blog i got this from is BY far one of the best blogs i read. dont know why i just love her. ESPECIALLY her kids names. Henry is her son (which is my ALL time favorite boy name so DONT steal it!) and her new baby is Margot. Could those be any cuter?? i love them.

anyway. this is good. go make it. i made two at once froze one and put one in the fridge for a few days before we baked it last night. yumm. p.s. i dont know if any of you use canned spaghetti sauce, but we do and i've never found a kind i really like UNTIL NOW... newmans own...all flavors we have tried are amazing. plus it is a really good company (as far as big ones go) so its good to support them.

don't be sad, but i dont know if i'll blog anymore til this weekend. going to p-town for work.

on a side note - its sunny here...FINALLY!

thats all folks!


Grant Factor said...

Testimony: this dinner is DELICIOUS!


The guy who got to eat most of it (Kendra got some too).

jenni said...

i put this in my google notebook a few weeks ago but never tried it. Doesn't Baked Ziti make you think of the Sopranos? did you watch that show?

SnyderAZ said...

WAIT A FRICKING SECOND! You are getting married? I guess if I would have read between the lines I would have got it! I kid. Too bad you can't go to IBE, but I am PRETTY sure the honeymoon will be only slightly more fun. OK, have fun, dude, and dudet, I will see you in France! E

Kendra said...

Yes it’s true I did partake of the Ziti!...SO amazingly yummy...and this I believe is a proof of its scrumptiousness...seeing as I am probably one of the pickiest eaters of all time =)