Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How the Heck???

For one thing... how the heck did I miss Jenni tagging me?? I looked back and sure enough she did and i LOVE being tagged so I don't know what the heck happened... google reader... please don't make me doubt you now.

Since Jess actually saw her tag and responded by tagging me here i go...

4 things i was doing 10 years ago: (had to ask G how old i am now to figure this out... we had to calculate based on the year i was born...hmmm....)

1. Ruling the school as a frosh at Milwaukie High School (actually probably my best year of high school...)
2. Getting hired for my first job as a front desk worker at the North Clackamas Acquatic Park...Gregg?? Patty?? You know how cool that place is right?? Everyone and their mom from MHS worked there
3. Running track (i tried a little of everything that year... 800m, 4x400m, 300m hurdles...)after finishing a season of dance team
4. I have the worst memory... i know i hung out as a part of the fabulous four (me, patty, katie, jill) ...we were friends since grade school/middle school and have since drifted, but all of my best memories from my school days include those girls...

4 things i was doing 5 years ago:

1. Finishing my first year at UO...such a hard year in SO many ways.
2. About to start a job as a checker at WinCo in Tualatin that later transferred to the MUCH less affluent area of Springfield...still need to share stories from this place!
3. Getting over my first serious boyfriend
moving out of bean (thank God!) - fun fact: grant, I, my bro, and his bro all lived there our first years at the university

4 things i did yesterday:

1. Ran for the first time in 6+ months... felt good, but I'm pretty sore!
2. Realized I bought the wrong fusible interfacing for some of my embroidery...very annoying!
3. Fretted over what color kitchenaide mixer to register for so they match the plates we registered for and our future imaginary kitchen (i emailed my bridesmaids for help...weird?)
4. Bought this for my mom for her birthday (mom if you are reading... don't click) - i heart etsy!

4 shows i like to watch:

1. Brothers & Sisters... you people are missing out... go get the first season on dvd...NOW!
2. The Office
3. Six Feet Under (love it, but have to take breaks sometimes...too sad...)
4. Oldies but SUCH goodies... Sex & the City, Friends

...whew... lots of links! i tag Patty, Lindsey AND Sarah, Alisha

i know you are all busy ladies so don't respond if you don't wanna!


Lindsey said...

wow...i just noticed the "comment counter" i'm #2, yay! Have an awesome day, love you!

Foushee's said...

I too LOVE Brothers and Sisters! I started watching it from the very beginning of! I somehow got Ethan hooked to although he would not admit it!