Monday, June 16, 2008

Maggie & Jeremy

these are some of my favorite pictures with them over the years. i couldn't pick a few so this is what you get!

I have had this stuff in my 'to blog' folder forever. I'm not sure why I haven't taken the time to write about these guys - I guess because they are so special to me I don't really know how to describe it. I will start from the beginning.

On my 16th birthday I answered an ad that was posted in my high school's career center seeking a part time nanny for 10 month old twins. I met the mom (Ally) and the kids (Maggie & Jeremy) and immediately felt at home. She hired me that day. Looking back I wonder how on earth I was so lucky to meet this family.

For the next two years I worked part time during the school year and full time in the summer. I played with, bathed, diapered, and fed these little munchkins and had SO much fun doing it. Ally trusted me so much. She would let me take them where ever I wanted - I took the double stroller to the mall, zoo, children's museum, downtown. She even trusted me to babysit them for whole weekends at a time. Sometimes I would stay with them at her house, other times I'd take them to my mom's. I'd always get those sympathetic teenage mother looks when I was out with them. It was funny and didn't change the fact that I loved *almost* every minute of being with them!

Everyone used to joke that I was bound to have twins since I had so much experience. I remember the juggling act. Keep one in the 'cage' (aka playpen) and take the other to feed/diaper/bathe.

After 2 years I moved away to college and missed all three of them sorely. Ally was a huge support during that first tumultuous year of college. My freshman summer I babysat Maggie and Jeremy often and enjoyed the time with them immensely.

My sophomore year I was uber lucky. Ally grew up in Eugene and decided to move back to have more support from her family. Since they've moved back we don't see one another as much as we'd like, but definitely more than we would if we lived two hours apart.

Now they are 8 years old and in 2nd grade! I can hardly believe it! Over the years Ally has become a close friend and confidant. We try to meet often for coffee on campus. I can't get over how blessed I was to stumble into this amazing family. Grant has since been included - the kids can't get enough of him.

Maggie and Jeremy were the natural choice for flower girl and ring bearer in the wedding. Shortly after we were engaged, Grant and I went over to their house for dinner. Ally, Maggie, and I were in the kitchen and Ally was describing to Maggie that Grant and I had decided to get married. The first thing out of Maggie's 7 year old mouth was "Who will be your flower girl?"

Ally and I immediately burst into laughter and ran into the living room to tell Grant what happened - which of course upset Maggie. We explained to her that it was so funny because I was about to ask her if that was something she would want to do. She just answered the question before it had been asked!

We then asked Jeremy if he would be in the wedding - his response was "Do I have to dress up?" LOL they are too much. I am so excited for them to be in our wedding!

here are a few current photos of us and them playing...

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