Sunday, June 22, 2008

needle roll

i've been looking for a solution for how to store my needles. i have lots of different kinds and they are all stuck in various pieces of paper all over the place. when i saw this i REALLY wanted to make one. only 1 problem - no felt and no moolah to buy felt.

SO i got to thinking and rummaging around in the craft closet and found some washcloths i bought for a project that didn't go as well as i would have liked. I came up with this little 'needle roll'.

I started by doing a quick backstitch to separate my regular needles from my tapestry needles (read: dull).
Then I stitched a ribbon on the end...

I rolled it up and now all my needles are in one place! its not as cute as the little felt ones, but it cost nada and it does the job.


jenni said...

sweet! I just made myself one of these but I was able to swipe some of my moms fabric stash. did you get your embroidered floss holder at walmart?

nicole said...

i got it at michael's but walmart is probably cheaper.