Monday, July 28, 2008

Fabric Flowers Rock!

I am blogging out of order, but I'm very excited about these... (i'll share our weekend later)

I've been searching for a good way to make fabric flowers for the wedding. I couldn't afford all the corsages we needed so I thought this would be a cute way to make the corsage's for G's grandmothers. I seriously have about 15 ways to make fabric flowers in my 'wedding' google notebook, but I hadn't found one that was simple enough and cute enough to persuade me to try them. UNTIL I got the In Stitches sewing book by Amy Butler from the library. After I fell in love with just about every project in there I found the greatest way to make a flower from just a little fabric and minimal sewing.

Tonight I dove in and LOVE THEM!!! Here they are hot glued to a piece of ribbon... easiest, cutest corsages EVER! plus they don't get thrown away - I think that makes them good for the environment!


jessica said...

I LOVE THEM - seriously awesome!
I went to our library to reserve that book and there is a wait of 20 people! Holy crapola!

Patty said...

So cute, my friend! I'm very impressed (as I usually am by your craftiness :)

jenni said...

very cool!

Lindsey said...

They turned out so well!! Good work!

jessica said...

Nicole, how did you attach the ends of the ribbon so they can slide it on and off?

I really want this book!!

jessica said...

One more - sorry - I was just looking at at jenni's blog and catching up and you mention adding a cool widget....let me know what you have on your igoogle page because I haven't added much and I am too impatient to look through and find different ones so I would love advice on some good ones.