Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i heart the US postal service

...she said facetiously...

let me tell you a little story about our wedding invitations and the USPS. as you might have noticed the envelopes are square. i was about to put regular stamps on them and remembered that square envelopes require additional postage. i brought one of the invites with the 42 cent stamps i had to the post office and asked the lady how much more postage they required. 20 more cents. ok not a huge deal i will just exchange my 42 cent stamps for the 62 cent stamps (excited because i liked the image on these much better). nope. you can't exchange stamps...what?? why?? you just can't. ok what are my options for a second stamp... a clock or a butterfly...yuck. i reluctantly stuck 100 butterfly stamps on our invitations and sent them off.

the following day i mailed out a few more invites in the morning. that afternoon i came home to a key in our little mail box. this is very exciting! it means that there was a package that was too big and had to go in a larger mail box. open it up.. 100 invites! they need 17 more cents?? WHAT!?!?! apparently the woman at the post office was out of her mind! arrgggh! I took the envelopes to yet another post office to confirm for the last time. yes. need 17 more cents. ok. what are my options? a ram. sweet. lets just add those to the heart (barf) and butterfly (BARF!)...

so if you recieved a lovey dovey zoo-esque envelope we are very sorry!

oh but wait. there is more. remember those few envelopes i mailed out after the initial bunch and before i knew more postage was required? oh don't worry. those didn't need an additional ram stamp. those all arrived just fine.

what the f***???????


Anonymous said...

so sorry about this! but it did provide me a good laugh. the ram is a symbol for aries and i think it's on the chinese horoscope thing (that goes by birth year). are you or grant an aries?

this website tells you what years fall under the ox or the sheep (the closest animals to a ram) for the chinese zodiac -- perhaps one of those applies to you!

there's always a bright side (unless you and grant are not aries or a sheep or ox according to the zodiac)...then you just have rams on your wedding invites!

but who keeps the envelope anyway.....


nicole said...

no oxes or sheep here.. just wedding invites with random stamps!